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Invitation to Ahmadiyyat

Invitation to Ahmadiyyat

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Invitation to Ahmadiyyat was first published in Urdu in 1926, and then translated into Persian for presentation to the ruler of Afghanistan, Amanullah Khan. Two years or so before the book was compiled, three Afghan Ahmadis had been stoned to death by the orders of Amanullah Khan. These tragic events made it necessary that the message, aims and the rationale of the Ahmadiyya Movement should be expounded for the special attention of the king. The purpose of the book therefore was to convey to His Majesty an authentic account of the beliefs and doctrines of the Movement and the purpose of its establishment. It was also intended to refute the false charges that were made against the Movement by the orthodox divines and to contradict the baseless allegations made against the Movement. The events and the book now belong to history, but the book itself continues to grow in impact and influence.

It sets out the prophecies of the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) mentioned in the books of Tradition and examines their true import. It presents an exposition of the claims of the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement and details the reasons in their support. It goes on to establish, on the basis of the Holy Quran and he Traditions of the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) that the spiritual preceptor whose advent had been prophesied had already appeared in the person of the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, and to emphasise that the salvation of mankind lies in accepting him and following him.


  • Hardback: 342 pages
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