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Malayalam Translation

Malayalam Translation

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 Around 1500 years ago when the Holy Quran was revealed it lifted the Arabs out of the darkness of ignorance and immorality.

Centuries ago, it illuminated the way for Europe to come out of the Dark Ages to an era of Enlightenment and Moorish Muslims educated and inspired Columbus to launch his ships across the Atlantic Ocean and begin the European discovery, exploration and expansion into the New World of the Americas.

Cordoba was the capital of Muslim Spain, and the center for all light and learning in the entire Europe. It was the spark to ignite the scientific revolution that still brightly glows in the discoveries and inventions of today.

As Professor Abdus Salam, the first Muslim Nobel Laureate in Physics explained,  “seven hundred and fifty verses of the Holy Qur’an – (almost one eighth of the Book) – exhort believers to study Nature, to reflect, to make the best use of reason in their search for the ultimate and to make the acquiring of knowledge and scientific comprehension part of the community’s lift…there is not a single verse in the Qur’an where natural phenomena are described which contradicts what we know for certain from our discoveries in Islamic history there has been no incident like that of Galileo.”

Today the Holy Qur’an continues to light the way for millions of souls around the world to safely tread along the Divine path.

The Holy Quran is a Book of Peace but unfortunately certain clerics, for their vested interests, have produced erroneous interpretations of Quranic verses to further their political gains. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was founded by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in 1889, as prophecied by the Founder of Islam, Muhammadsa, who said that at a time when the Muslims would pay only lip service to their religion and the Muslims scholars would be the worst type of people, the Promised Messiah would appear to revive Islam in its original and peaceful form. Thus the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community aims to disseminate the true message of Islam and its pristine teachings to the corners of the Earth. 

This Russian translation of the Holy Quran is one over 70 translations of the Quran distributed by Islam International Publications, a publishing branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.



  • Hardback: 1180 pages
  • Publisher: Islam International Publication
  • Language: Malayan
  • Product Dimensions: 150 x 210mm

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