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Where did Jesus die?

Where did Jesus die?

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Born in 1901, the author was educated at Jamia Ahmadiyya, the Missionary Training Centre of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam at Qadian. After doing his Honours in Arabic from the University of the Punjab, he served the Movement in various capacities. In 1925 he was appointed in charge of Ahmadiyya Muslim Missions, Middle East Countries, where he served for about seven years. Subsequently in 1936 he was sent to England as Imam of the London Mosque and served there, up to the end of the Second World War In 1946 he was called back by the Headquarters of the Movement. He was appointed Nazir Islaho-Irshad (in charge of the missionary work in Pakistan) a post which he held till his death on 13th October 1966. He is one of the three members of the Ahmadiyya Movement who have been titled 'Khalid-i­Ahmadiyyat'. He had written about 40 books in Urdu, Arabic and English.


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